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Toqio privacy policy involves the manner in which we gather, use and disclose our user’s information in our website. The privacy policy of Toqio involves usage of information and is also applicable to all products and services offered by the website.

Personal Information for Identification

We collect personal information of our users in different ways such as during the visit of users on our website or while they participate in any survey, form filling, services offered or by means of various activities on our website. User is asked to give valid name, mail id, phone number but he or she can also visit the site as anonymous. It’s not mandatory to provide personal information but in some cases user may not get excess to some of the restricted information or services offered by the website.

Non Personal Details for Identification

We may ask the visitors to give some details about their non personal information including the operating system they use, name of the browser and some technical details about the services they are looking for in our website. User might also be asked to give their service provider details, internet usage etc.

Information via Cookies

We collect cookies information only to provide a better service to our visitors. By default user’s browser saves cookies in the hard disk to maintain record and for keeping track of information. Users can deny any cookies from getting saved in their hard disk, but in this situation some features of our website may not be available to the interested users.

What Do We Do with User’s Information?

Toqio uses the user’s information for accomplishing the following tasks:

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    To customize user experience in our site
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    We study and analyze the users information to find out the actual reason behind his or her visit in our website
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    We also use the vital information to update our services to serve better facility to our visitors
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    With the given information we tend to improve our customer support system
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    For better email connectivity
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    The email address provided by the user is used to communicate with users to solve their problem and address their issues/queries
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    Mail ID provided by the user is used to provide regular update from our website in the form of news, products and service related information. They can easily subscribe the facility to be in touch with our latest update and can also unsubscribe any time by contacting with our website.

How We Secure Your Personal and Non Personal Information?

Our website follow PCI vulnerability standard to provide highest possible security to our user’s information. Advanced technology is adopted to prevent unwanted authorization to user’s data, manipulation or misuse. Every personal information like the username, phone number and mail ID are kept under extra protection layer to prevent any third party to excess the user’s information.

How Do We Share Your Personal Data?

We absolutely never share our user’s personal information to any third party for monitory purpose. But if required we share information in general in the form of statistic and no individual information is shared in any form. And we share information to trusted affiliate partners, trusted websites along with some advertising company not for monitory purposes but for the reasons stated here.

Children’s Data is Not Collected at All

We understand protecting children information is the most vital and challenging task. Hence, we never collect any information for children under 13 nor we have anything for children below 13 years of age.

Alteration to Privacy Policy

Toqio has full right to update its privacy policy as per the requirement. Users will get the notification about the amendments on our main page and our bottom page will display the date when privacy policy was updated. We also urge every visitor or user to visit our privacy policy page at regular intervals to remain updated about our site.

User’s Acceptance

After going through the policies and terms of Toqio, if you continue using our website, we will take it as your acceptance of our policies and conditions. In case you don’t agree with some of our terms, avoid using our website for both sided clarity. If you are our existing user and we find you continuing with our website after the change of our policies, it will be considered as your agreement with the alterations done.

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