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mobile app development

Mobile Application Development

Ever since Mobile Operating Systems were introduced, mobile phones have been an essential part of our lives, whether for navigation, reservations, shopping, taking pictures, playing games, and an infinite tools and applications, used to achieve a wide range of services, whether to purchase movie tickets, pay your bills or book a cab with a from a tab on your mobile phone! Smartphone apps serve an array of services in all aspects of everyday life, including health, lifestyle, sports, banking, entertainment and an infinite number of ways that are being added every day.

Application development has become a very popular trend in the IT Sectors from all over the world, whether from a garage amateur programmer, to the big corporation developers. Thanks to the OS lead by Apple and Android, any idea can become a reality, and with the right team of developers, and the right approach and planning a simple vision can become a reality and even a money making opportunity.

No wonder App development has become a very popular trend in the IT sector, with creators from all ages and walks of life. There is a huge demand for applications in business, retail, medicine, sport, with each segment relying more and more on the use of smartphones and tablets to increase productivity and improve planning.
We can work with any platform that suits your needs:

android development


Android phones have become one of the most sought after smartphone devices for the slew of benefits they bring along, and with the growing war between the two major operating systems, the Android has also its own market share. Thanks to its smartphone rapid growth, there is a high demand for applications for the Android operating system; with many software businesses from various segments of the market have to keep up and cater to both Operating Systems. So there is an increase in demand for the android app development sector.

iPad Apps Development


If there is any smartphone that has retained its place on top of the industry year after year, it is undoubtedly the iPhone. Available in various models and sizes, and new features added to it with every new release, Apple has definitely cemented its place in the smartphone segment. Just like the iPhone, the iPad has led the tablet industry. Tablets have become the alternative to the PC or laptop. It allows the user to perform a range of activities without the burden of the laptop. With the ease of use and simple usability of the apps, it has become an essential part of the businesses whether on the top or low levels of management, development and sales.

Why Us?

At Toqio we have a team of experienced Android developers who are adept at creating applications that add to the functionality of your business. Our experts are well versed with the Android software development kit. They will help you reap the benefits that the mobility solutions bring along. Therefore, they will provide you with an application that is fully optimized from performance, appearance and speed aspect on the Android devices. We will tap all the possibilities so that you get the best mobility features that will help you remain in touch with your potential as well as existing clients.

Here are the services we offer when we take up Android application development:

Custom app development: We understand that there are numerous businesses vying for the top spot and hence we also understand the significance of being unique when compared to the rest.

Android games development: Our experts are adept at developing games for the Android platform and make it available in the form of an application.

Enterprise Android Application: Our experts will distribute in built support for various technologies that are a part of the business.

Testing of Android apps and portability: We do superior quality testing of the applications and their portability.

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