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HTML5 is playing an extensive role in web development services. HTML5 allows you to create powerful online applications and create appealing websites. Several aspects including its extensibility and ease of use have made HTML 5 to be the most famous development platform available. On the other hand HTML5 is also widely used in developing beautiful websites for various businesses.

Dedicated To Serve Customers:

We at Toqio have been enormously utilizing HTML5 to create the numerous large, small and medium web applications to our clients from past few years time. We have a dedicated team of HTML5 developers who are committed to render quality work for our valuable customers depending upon their requirements. Our team of professionals can handle any kind of project related to HTML5 development services ranging from custom component development to basic HTML5 integration according to the requirements of clients. Our HTML5 development services provide power to corporate websites, social networks, standard websites, ecommerce sites, community portals, and personal websites.

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    HTML5 development makes it easier to build websites and applications eliminating the need of extensive coding.
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    The built-in canvas option is a great tool in HTML5 application development. It allows developers to create complex animations and graphics besides adding audio and video to the pages.
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    HTML5 is one platform which is independent of the browser as it doesn’t require any plug-ins.
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    Amazing applications and HTML5 websites can be developed using codes that aren’t gibberish to the programmer.
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    The drag and drop support makes creation of the web pages a whole lot easier and helps in saving time.
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    HTML5 features geolocation tagging that employs JavaScript API thereby allowing website owners find the users' location.
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    HTML5 is compatible with a lots of mobile and desktop browsers.

Team of Professional Developers:

We have html5 certified developers who have experience in handling specific tools like XML, JSON, JavaScript and CSS3. Moreover, our developers can able to create business apps which are extremely reliable, cost effective and user friendly. Other than that, our developers can able to create enriched feature mobile apps for blackberry, ipad, iphone, titanium, android and many more. Joomla is ideal for all businesses who like to experience the CMS power for comfort of manageability and ease of use when using the sites build with HTML5 components.

Toqio is capable to offer myriad of services with the aid of our HTML 5 experience. We are proud enough to say that we are the leaders in the field of HTML 5 development and services. We have gained skills and knowledge through the past by successfully completing projects and we are sure to offer 100 percent satisfaction through our HTML5 development services.

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