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Introduction of Smart phones is a revolution in the business industry; every business uses smart phone apps to achieve their respective goals. Customized smart phone apps have brought a unique and quick way of communicating with clients and with employees. At Toqio, we develop unique and advanced smart phone apps according to your needs. so you can maximize your business and reach your goals.

How Toqio can Help Your Business Needs?

We have a specialized customer support team who are available 24/7 for any business need for your enterprise’s global market. We work on a strict deadline and thus provide a quick delivery and maximize results. The mobile apps are designed and developed keeping the customer’s organizational needs in a very cost effective way. The smart phone apps will meet the short as well as long term goal of the business and ensure great return for its investment

What Toqio has for Your Business Enterprise?

Mobile App Development

Toqio has a specialized team dedicated only for smart phone development apps who ensures to give the best service to keep your business in upfront. We, at Toqio understand that every business enterprise has its own complexity with problems and unique way of working. Our customized app solutions will meet all the challenges coming in your way and will get adapted to your prevailing working environment with ease. Our skilled developers follow the mentioned criteria for giving the finest quality of work under the specified deadline:


Ease and Flexibilty :

We prefer to have transparent communication and hence discuss each and every detail with the client to get the actual requirement. Client’s suggestions and plans are kept on the topmost priority for creating the design of the app. Final blue print is made only after our expert team feels they know what exactly the enterprise is looking for. The final print is duly shared with the client for final approval.


Process of Working :

Developing a common app that will be applicable for various platforms is a very difficult task. The application which will meet all the enterprise’s requirements needs to be consistent for providing a smooth communication with a single platform.

API Management

Application Programming Interface Management :

The main focus of our expert professionals is to use resources from every platform. This unique approach helps for maintenance and also expands its usability.


Security Parameters :

There is every possibility of mobile phone being hacked or stolen any time. In that case we provide remote advance centralized data management technology and clients will be able to wipe out all the data from its liability asset with a single click.

User Experience

Experience of the Users :

We provide a unique solution without manipulating the original data of the business enterprise. Our application gets applauded very quickly and provides an excellent user interface.


Testing :

In our final phase we test each module manually as well as do automated testing of every features of the application. We test the application keeping in mind the time of application of the app.

Benefits of Customized application development for Mobile

  • The above features are flexible and are compatible with every business enterprise. The security level is kept at the highest level to safe guard the vital information of your enterprise. Customers can get direct access to the information required with the user friendly mobile app delivered by us.
Custom Mobile App

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